3. what is network? Explain advantage & disadvantage of networking.

  --> Two or more computer connected with each other for transferring data sharing       

        resources and communicate with each other.

   --> Computer network is a group of computers  that are connected to each other for the

         Purpose of communication ,sharing data and resources.




  1. Connectivity and communication :-

         -->Network connect computers and the user of those computers individuals within a

              building or workgroup can be connected into local area networks.

         -->Once connected it is possible for network user to communicate with each other

               using technologies such as electronic mail. This  makes the information easier ,

               More efficient and less expensive than it would be whether the network.


  2. Data sharing:-

        -->  One of the most important uses  of networking is to allow the sharing of data

             before networking was common  an accounting employee who wanted to prepare

              a report  for the manager  would have to produce it on pc, put it on a floppy disk

              and then walk it over to the data to here pc’s hard disk .


         -->Networking allows thousands of nodes to share data more easily and quickly.

3. Hardware sharing:-

        --> Network facilitate the sharing by hardware devices .for example ,instead of giving

             Each of 10 employee in a department an expensive color printer .one printer can

             be place on network for every one to share.

4. Internet access sharing :-

    --> The internet is itself an  enormous network ,so when every you access the internet ,

          are  using network . small computers allows multiple users to share single internet

          Connection special hardware devices allow the bandwidth of the connection to be

         Easily allocated to various individuals as they need it and  permit organization to

         Purchase one high speed connection instead of many slower ones.


5. Data security and management.

    -->In a business environment ,a network allows the administrators to much better

        Manage the company’s critical data instead of having this data spread over dozens

        Or even hundreds fashion  as their users  on shared servers .This makes It easy one

        To find the data makes it possible for the data is regularly backed up and also allow

         For the implementation of security measures to control who can read or change

         Various   places of critical information.


6. Performance Enhancement & balancing .

    -->Under some clrcumstances a network can be used to enhance the overall   

        performance  of some application by distributing the computation tasks to

        various computers on the network.

7. Entertainment:-

             --> Network  facilitate many types of  games and entertainment .The internet itself

                 Offers many sources of entertainment .

                  In addition many multiplayer games exist that’s operate over a LAN.




1. Networks Hardware, software and setup costs.

             -->computers don’t just magically networks them solves . of course setting up

                 Network  them requires an investment in hardware and software as well as

                 Funds for planning designing  and implementing the networks .

             --> for a home with small network two or three pc’s this relatively inexpensive.


 2. Hardware and software management and administration costs.

             -->In all but the smallest of implementation ,ongoing maintenance and management of the network required the care and attention of  IT  professional

                  In a smaller organization that already has a system administrator , a network may

                  Fall within his person’s job responsibilities ,but it will take time away from the tasks.

3. Undesirable sharing.

             -->With the good comes the bad, while networking allows the easy sharing of useful information it also allows the sharing of undesirable data. one significant

                 “Sharing problem “ in this regard has to do with viruses which are easily spread

                  Over  network  and the internet mitigating these effects costs more time, money

                  And administrative effort.


4. Illegal or Undesirable Behavior

              -->Networking facilitate useful connectivity and communication ,but also bring

                   Difficulties  with it. Typical problem include abuses of company resources ,

                   Distractions that reduce productivity, downloading of illegal or materials and

                   Even software privacy.


5. Data security concerns

              -->If a network is implemented properly ,it is possible to greatly improve the

                   Security of important data on contract ,a poorly secured network  puts critical

                   Data at risk exposing it to the potential problems associated with hackers

                   ,unauthorized access and even sabotage.

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