Q:satellite communication.



Ans:satelite communications is similar to terrestral microwave except that the satelite acts as one of the station.    the satelite dose the funcation of an antena and the repiter together.                ->in this figure,ground station a can send the information b waya satelite two frequency bound are used for signal
      from earth to satelite called uplink and from satelite to earth is called downlink.

   ->however,poses a problem if the earth along with its ground station is revolving  and the satelite is stationery.
     the sending and receving earth stations and the satelite can be out sync over time.therefore,normaly,geosynchronous like
     satelites are used,which move at the same revolution per minute(RPM) as that of the earth in same direction exactly earth.
    ->thus ,both the earth and satelite complete one revolution exactly in same time ,the relative position of the ground 
      station with respect to satelite never changes.therfore moment of earth dose not matter for the communication nodes
      based on earth.
    ->using satelite we can communicate from satelite any part of the world to any other

    ->:satelite communicaton can perform on wide area broad cast.
    ->:mobile communication can be easily by satelite communication
       because of its flexibility in inter connecting  mobile vehicle.
    ->:satelite communication has the advanteg of the quality of transmitted
       signal and the location of earth station .the sending and receving
       information indepent of  distance.
    ->:for them traffic remot area,satelite communication is most economical.

      ->:huge initioal cost is huge.
     ->:repair of satelite is almost impossible,once it has been lanched.
     ->:signal delay is also reduces a efficiency of satelite in data transmission.

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