Explain TCP packet format.


(1)source port number

    This 2 byte number signifies .The port number of the source computer.

(2)Destination port number

    This 2 byte number signifies the port number of destination computer.

(3)sequence number

   This 4 byte thread defines the number assigned to the first byte of

   the data position contain in this Tcp packet.

(4)Acknowledgment number

   If the destination host receive of packet with sequence number x,it sends

   x+1 as the Acknowledgment number back to the source.

(5)Header length

 This 4 byte filed specifies the number of 4 byte words in the tcp header.Basically

    the header length can be between 20 and 60 bytes.



  It 6 bits field is reserved for future used.


   The 6 filed but defines 6 different control flag.ex.SYN ,fIN,etc.

(8)Window size

This filed determines the size of the sliding window that the other party must maintain.


This 2 byte filed contains the checksum for providung the error detection and correction

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