Que:-Explain the procedure for installing and configuring network adapter.

  •  Installing Network Cards :

«  If you’re removing another card to insert the new one, follow these steps:

[1]. Makes sure that the card is disconnected from any outside cables.

[2]. Unscrew the small screws attaching the card to the PC case and lay them aside.

[3]. Pull gently on the card, using both hands to wiggle it back and forth slightly to disengage it from the connectors. This may take a little tugging, but if the card doesn’t come fairly easily, stop and make sure that the card is indeed fully disconnected from the PC.

[4]. When you’ve got the card out, set it aside. If you plan to use the card again, wrap it back up in its original sheath. Don’t touch the gold connectors on the card: the oils in your skin can corrode the gold and thus reduce the card’s connectivity.

«  Installing a card is much the same process, in reverse:

[1]. Unwrap the card, being careful not to touch the gold connectors, and set it aside.

[2]. Power down the PC and open it up.

[3]. Find an open slot on the motherboard that matches the bus required by the card. An ISA card needs an ISA slot; a PCI card needs a PCI slot.

[4]. Unscrew the plate that covered the open slot’s opening to the rear of the computer and set the plate and screws aside. You may need the plate later, and you’ll need the screw in just a minute.

[5]. Align the network card with the slot in the PC, and push gently firmly to seat the card in its slot. You may need to push fairly hard for this to work, which can be somewhat intimidating if you’re not used to inserting cards. If you’ve got the right slot and push straight in, then the card should snap into place.

[6]. Using those screws that you set aside in step4, screw the card into the little holes in the case to hold it in place. If the card is in all the way, this extra step won’t affect the card’s positioning all that much, but will keep if from sagging or working loose.

[7]. Replace the case and, if the cables are already in place, connect them to the card.


  •  Installing Network Card Drivers :

More recent version of operating systems may include drivers for the cards that you can load using an interface within the operating system. For example , window 95/98/Me includes the Add New Hardware Wizard, which you can use to detect the card and automatically load the required driver.   

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