How to get wifi password using cmd.

This method only shows your connected wifi password.

First of all you have to open cmd as administrator then you show the text in cmd as like ..

c:\windows\system32\    Then type

c:\windows\system32\netsh     ->press enter

netsh>wlan        ->press enter

netsh  wlan>show profiles       ->press enter This will show you the wifi name that has been connected to your device.
                      choose your wifi name and type following line.


netsh  wlan>show profiles netgear          ->press enter. The "netgear" is wifi name and after that type the following line.

netsh wlan>show profiles netgear key=clear          ->press enter. This will show you a  large number of details. In the buttom
                            of details the line like.

                             key content : (some numbers) <- This will  be your wifi  password.


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