Multiprogram operating system

                    The most important of the jjob scheduling is the ability to handle multiple job. A single user can not kept either a C.P.U. or the input devices busy at all the time multi-programming increase C.P.U. utilisation by organising jobs . so that the C.P.U. always has one to execute. The operating system keep several job in the memory simonteniously the set of jobs that is a subset of the job kept in the job pool since the number of jobs  kept                            in the memory is much smaller than the number of jobs that can be in the job pool.

                        The operating system  begins  to execute one of the job  in the memory. The job may have to way from some task such as input output operation to complete in a non program system the C.P.U. would seat ideal in multi-programing system. The operating system simply switch to another job. Even the first job finished waiting  snd get the C.P.U. back as long as at least one job needs to executes the C.P.U. is never ideal.

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