Q 7) what do you mean by bandwidth and transmission rate?


Ans = In network communication the amount of data that can be sent across a wire in a given time each communication that passes along  the wire decreases the amount of available bandwidth.

           Bandwidth is a measurement of bitrate of available or consumed data communication resource expressed in bits per second or multiples of it.

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Q 8)why do we require a twist in a twisted pair cable?


Ans= The twisted cable pair are twisted to cancel the effect of external magnetic field. Which can destroy the signal the twists cancels that effect

            Twisted pair is the ordinary copper wire that connects home to reduce cross talk or electromagnetiinduction between pair of wires.

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Q 6) list different physical media available.


Q 6) list different guided media available.


Q 6) list different wire transmission media.


Ans =

1 Twisted pair wires Or Copper wire.

2 Optical fiber.

3 Coaxial wires.

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Q 5)Define topology name any four topologies in computer network?

Ans = Topology is the way that various component of a network like (node,links,etc) are arranged topology

define the layout,virtual shape or structure of network not only physically but also logically .The way in which

different system and nodes are connected and communicate with each other is determined by topology.


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